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Genetic Testing

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Personalized Genetic Testing & Care. Every Step of the Way.

At Women’s Health of Garden City, we believe that knowledge is key to your care. If you are worried about family history of cancer, we can help. We complete genetic testing in the comfort and privacy of our office.


BRCA Gene Testing

BRCA gene mutation testing can detect specific mutations that make some individuals more susceptible to cancer. We offer both BRCA1 and BRCA2 breast cancer gene testing which can help determine the likelihood of developing breast or ovarian cancer. While this test is not diagnostic in nature and cannot test for cancer, it can help your provider know your risk. Patients who are candidates for BRCA gene testing are those with a strong family history of breast cancer, have been previously diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer, as well as those who received a cancer diagnosis before age 50. There are other factors that your physician will discuss with you to determine whether BRCA genetic testing is right for you.

Dr. John Gomes

Dr. Gomes founded Women’s Health Care of Garden City in 1995.  It has remained an independent, private practice providing personalized and individualized obstetrical and gynecological services unique to this current healthcare environment. Services also include treatment for menopause related issues as well as genetic testing.

He is committed to excellence in patient communication, education and support as many patients come with anxiety associated with past experiences and future concerns.


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